Let’s hear it for the boys (well men, but that’s not the title of a song) 

I want to give a massive shout out to all the fathers out there. Early parenthood focuses so much on mums and babies that these guys are so often ignored. When they are spoken about, there’s often a moan about not feeding or changing baby at the exact time according to the routine. Or not knowing baby prefers mango to bananas. Its so negative.

Generally speaking, as mothers we generally spend so much more time with babies during the first few months. It makes sense for us to know their little habits and preferences inside and out. Everything we’ve learned is a result of countless hours of trial and let’s face it, error. Yet for some reason we expect our other halves to have picked up that knowledge in half the time. Very few new dads do things wrong, they just do them differently.

So dads, I want to thank you:

  • For trying to get up at night when baby wakes, even if he’s been fed and changed by the time you get up (at least you made an effort)
  • For doing a full day’s work after a broken night’s sleep. Whilst we can drown our sorrows in Starbucks’s finest with other mums, you have to keep your shit together because a meltdown by the coffee machine just wouldn’t go down well
  • For the cups of tea
  • For giving older siblings a TV/gaming marathon to keep them entertained whilst we rest
  • For getting baby dressed every now and then. The outfit might not be an exact copy of what I saw in the Gap advert, but he’s washed and dressed. I’ll just have to take the photo next time
  • For trying to put a smile on our faces after a rubbish day
  • For playing silly games with baby, even when we think it’s nap time. Sometimes it’s ok to just have fun and ignore the routine
  • For not judging us when we crack open a bottle of red the moment you walk through the door on a Friday (well maybe Thursday) evening
  • For the subtle and not so subtle reminders that a diet of coffee, cake and wine isn’t going to get the post-baby body we dream of
  • For loving that post-baby body, for all its stretched wobbliness
  • For putting up with our irrational reactions and emotions, even when you have no idea what we are going on about

Thank you for just trying. This roller coaster called parenting is pretty scary stuff, but you holding our hands (sometimes reluctantly) makes it that little bit easier.


(All experiences based on my own!)

Today I will be awesome! 

I can’t sleep. Later this morning I’ll return to work. Feeling nervous, sick, but slightly excited about what lies ahead. Not just career-wise but life as a working mother of two energetic boys. 

I’ve decided not to be negative about this new stage but to try my best to embrace it. 

I’m going to try my very best to be awesome. I don’t know what awesome looks like, but I think it could be anything that make me or others stop and smile. 

So mums, I challenge you to do something awesome today. 


Starting my transformation 

With just a week to go until I head back to the working world, I’ve decided to start sorting my appearance out. 

The weightloss hasn’t quite worked out as planned, so I’m feeling a bit self conscious about being back in the office, knowing I can’t live in jeans and baggy tops. I know that appearance isn’t everything and that I should focus on getting my kids sorted and doing my best at work, but I really do feel more positive and confident if I’m happy with what I’m wearing. 

On Sunday hubby and I hit Cheshire Oaks outlet village in Ellesmere Port. Not only did we get to spend the day picking up bargains, but we did it without children… How decadent! 

Just being able to browse through clothes AND try them on without squeezing a buggy into the changing room made me feel like ‘old me’. 
It’s not just how you look on the outside that can impact confidence, well-fitting underwear can make the difference. Our bodies change after having children so I’d always recommend getting yourself fitted for a new bra. It can completely change the way an outfit looks, usually for the better. 


Last but no means least, I invested in a decent lipstick and nail varnish. I’ve tried to keep wearing lipstick whilst I’ve been off, but it tends to wear off by the time I’ve left the school gates at 9. 

I’ve picked up a lovely colour from Bobbi Brown as their styles tend to last a bit longer. I think the saying goes “a bright lip diverts from a tired eye”. 


So that’s the easy bit done. Now it’s just the matter of getting Boy1 settled in with the childminder, Boy2 used to early wake ups,  and Hubby prepared for helping with housework again.
It won’t be easy but at least I’ll look fabulous whilst making it happen.


The return of soft play….

With a 7 year old son, I’ve spent a scary amount of time in soft play centres. Wet weekends, birthdays parties, any excuse to let them burn energy from running and rolling around a sweaty, sticky oversized plastic climbing frame.

Boy 1 is just coming out of he stage where every other birthday party is held a soft play. Just when I hoped I’d be free for a couple of years, they are back in my life. Sigh.

With Boy 2 now a fully fledged crawler, he needs plenty of safe space to explore and if I’m honest, I think he finds our living room rather restrictive. 

So off we went to Antz in Your Pantz in Timperley. I’ll write a full review when I get a chance, but it was a rather positive experience. 

Great to see him moving around with no restrictions, just the odd toddler climbing over him. But with a big brother at home, he’s robust enough to take them on. 

It did make me realise one thing though. The time to say goodbye to long mum & baby coffees or lunches might be closer than I hoped. 

Best make the most of them! 

Jada Pinkett-Smith “Take care of YOU first”

The headline of this post probably sounds really selfish and totally unrealistic for the average mother. When I first saw the headline of the clip circulating on social media, that was my take. “Of course a multi-millionaire actress can say she looks after herself first!”, was my initial thought.

When you listen to her, it will all make sense…

Quite a good time to be reminded of the importance of looking after yourself in order to make yourself a better mother – and partner.

So if you are one for making new year’s resolutions, don’t feel bad about trying to improve yourself. 

I’m definitely thinking about how I can be a better ‘me’ this year. It will be difficult to turn her words into actions, but I’ll certainly try.

As the old, rather cheesy saying goes, “happy mum means happy baby”.