One year of words

So today is my ‘bloggerversary’!! A year ago I decided to air my thoughts and experiences of motherhood with the big wide world, well anyone who wanted to read about them. Whilst I started it as a way to capture my first few months as a mother two, plus the rare opportunity to spend an … More One year of words

Fashion & Freedom

Last night I had a rare hour to kill by myself after work, before another event. So I treated myself.  I popped over to Manchester Art Gallery to check out their Fashion&Freedom exhibition.  It covers the relationship between women and fashion since the First World War, with pieces from students and up and coming designers.  … More Fashion & Freedom

Friday feeling?? 

If you are a fan of Twitter and Facebook, like me you’ll be used to seeing the weekly posts and memes referring to “that Friday feeling”.  Examples include”walking out of the office like…(cue sassy image of Beyoncé doing the Crazy in Love walk)” or “can’t wait for drinks with <insert numerous names here>, a crazy … More Friday feeling??