I’ve been quiet for the past few months. Nothing sinister or exciting going on, just life. Working, travelling, mothering, wifing, friending…You get the picture. Boy 2 is now 3 and Boy 1 is nearly 10!! I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30. We’ve continued with some minor improvements on Mumsomnia Towers. But it … More Silence….

Happy new year!

Ok, so I’m more than a week k to 2018, but thought I’d wish everyone a happy new year! No new resolutions for me, I’ve come to the conclusion at this age that if I need to wait til January to fix something in my life, it probs my isn’t that important to me. Change … More Happy new year!

Christmas traditionology. What do you do?

This week, I saw a tweet from someone questioning their partner’s plans for Christmas morning, with an air of shock, confusion and let’s be honest, disgust. This got me thinking, how many people really discuss their Christmas traditions with a partner? I mean actually discuss, rather than reminisce and how do you then decide which … More Christmas traditionology. What do you do?