Give it a go! 

This is my mantra for 2017. Following in from last year and embracing the power of ‘yes’, this year I just want to give it a go.  Nothing specific, but whatever random experiences and activities that spring to mind, I’m just going to try them.  I’m currently on a busy train, drinking overly priced Merlot … More Give it a go! 

Afro momma! 

As a child I spent many a Sunday evening having my hair washed, greased within an inch of its life, then plaited so tight I could hardly close my eyes to sleep that night. Pretty standard for most young girls of African or Caribbean origin, then and now.  As a mum of two boys, I … More Afro momma! 


I walk into the kitchen to find Boy2 with the fridge door wide open, trying to open a pot of houmous!  My mum, who helps out with looking after him a couple of days a week, told me that he stole the smoked salmon off her plate at breakfast time!  I have some how managed … More #MiddleClassRebel