Happy new year!

Ok, so I’m more than a week k to 2018, but thought I’d wish everyone a happy new year! No new resolutions for me, I’ve come to the conclusion at this age that if I need to wait til January to fix something in my life, it probs my isn’t that important to me. Change … More Happy new year!

Chasing dreams…

Well if you’re a fan of daytime TV you might have spotted my mug on The Chase quiz show today. I won’t share the result in case you want to watch on catch up, but either way it was a brill day. I’d always wanted to do a quiz show and when my son asked … More Chasing dreams…

Give it a go! 

This is my mantra for 2017. Following in from last year and embracing the power of ‘yes’, this year I just want to give it a go.  Nothing specific, but whatever random experiences and activities that spring to mind, I’m just going to try them.  I’m currently on a busy train, drinking overly priced Merlot … More Give it a go! 

Being brave

A few weeks ago I did something I hadn’t done for a long time. I stepped out of my professional comfort zone. I received an email inviting me to speak on a panel (won’t bore you with the topic details). My first instinct was to pass it on to my line manager. He couldn’t make it, … More Being brave