Afro momma! 

As a child I spent many a Sunday evening having my hair washed, greased within an inch of its life, then plaited so tight I could hardly close my eyes to sleep that night. Pretty standard for most young girls of African or Caribbean origin, then and now. 

As a mum of two boys, I thought that I’d never have that Sunday drama. I’d just need to deal with me own hair whilst my boys bonded with daddy during a trip to the barbers for their short back and sides or a quick ‘shape up’.

But last year, at the ripe old age of 7 and a half, Boy1 decided to embrace his fro. Having always had regular cuts he decided to let it grow. 

One year one and we’ve fully embraced the ‘wash days’, mighty Afro comb and even that funny in between ‘what is going on with his hair?’ phase. 

He’s started to embrace my love for new hair products, but doesn’t quite get what they all do. He just trusts my wisdom! 

This whole process has meant I’ve been more involved in his hair management than the hubster and it’s actually been fun. We’ve had chats about all kinds of issues, not just his hair,but school, politics, Pokemon! It’s been a great opportunity to bond with my big boy whilst helping him to find his identity. I’ve loved every minute. 

I guess what it’s shown me is that you don’t need a dedicated, cash driven ‘event’ to spend quality time with your child. In fact as he gets older, it might be that we find more of these natural moments to bond, rather than forced fun. 

And now he has the most luscious of ‘fros and I’m so proud 😊


Ps – to anyone rocking an Afro I’m loving Shea Moisture products at the moment 

I’m shedding :(

A fellow blogging mama recently shared her experience of post-partum hair loss, or shedding, and it struck a chord. I realised I never shared my shedding story previously, maybe because it meant admitting to myself it was happening, maybe it was embarrassment, but it might have just been lack of time then totally forgetting (I had a newborn remember!)

This picture doesn’t even begin to represent the amount of shedding I’ve experienced over the past few months. It started slowly, but there were days when I was scared to touch my head out of fear I’d just be touching scalp.  My hairline is the worst – it seems to have receded at an alarming rate. Boy2 is 18 months and I’m still losing hair!

But in 9 or so months of shedding I have realised:

  • shedding is very common. Lots of women experience it post-partum, to different degrees
  • we shouldn’t be ashamed to share it. Sharing is caring afterall and just hearing about other people’s struggles, can make you feel a bit better
  • in most cases, other people won’t notice the loss half as much as  you expect them too. Even the hubster only really notices it by the random hairs  on the bathroom floor. I’m sure he thinks I’m hiding some afro-wearing dog in the house
  • I can get quite creative with my hair if I’m feeling a bit self conscious

I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing. My hair will eventually grow back and I’ll have a hairline again. But in the meantime its another change for me to get used to. Learning about my new hair (or lack of) and getting to grips with new products to help it grow.

Please let me know if you have experienced hair loss and how you are getting on!


PS – to all afro-mamas. I’m trying a combo of shea butter and castor oil for my edges and trying to up my water intake. Lets see how I get on