Let’s talk about Flex! ­č嬭čĆ┐┬á

So on Friday Boy 2 and I packed our cold selves off into Manchester City centre to take part in the latest #FlexAppeal flash mob hosted by the insta-famous @motherpukka and @papapukka.  I donned my Lycra and flexed to the music, along with 200+ other parents and little ones to campaign for flexible working.  Why? … More Let’s talk about Flex! ­č嬭čĆ┐┬á

Why work-life ‘balance’ isn’t for me

When I had Boy1 and declared my intention to go back to work, I became overwhelmed by conversations, articles, reports and the like about finding the ‘balance’ between work and home life. As someone who prides themselves on their organisational skill, I thought I’d have it sorted quickly. Schedules, reminders, booking things waaay in advance, … More Why work-life ‘balance’ isn’t for me